An award winning photo by Jacob

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

I am proud to be recognised for award winning wedding photography and have received numerous international awards. I’ve included some of the award winning images on this page, as well as a little bit about how I work to achieve them.

Award winning wedding photographer
Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Award Winning

Wedding Photography

Part of my creative process is to look for opportunities to capture images that are different to the norm, pushing myself to create things I haven’t seen done before.

To add to my documentary wedding photography style, I’m also drawn to vibrant colours, grand landscapes, and high contrast.

As an award winning wedding photographer I feel very inspired by the landscape of Western Australia and breath-taking scenery across the World.

I get excited about dramatic sunsets and incorporating beautiful, natural landscapes into epic portraits.

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

My Motivation

Being an award winning wedding photographer is hugely satisfying and I love delivering images to my clients that I know are the very best they can be.

Receiving recognition for my work from international awards alongside the excited feedback from my clients shows me that I am doing a great job – and I really do love my job!

Wedding Photography Awards

I’ve won awards for Documentary Wedding Photography, engagement photography, wedding day portraits and detail images from the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and Wedisson Awards. I’ve been recognised among the top photographers in Australia by both WPJA and the SLR Lounge.

These awards are judged by leading industry experts, with experience in wedding photography and photojournalism. Being part of these creative communities keeps me artistically driving towards delivering my very best work for my clients. I want my images to be memorable, beautiful and epic as well as capturing genuine emotion in my own photographic style.