Best Perth Engagement Photoshoot Locations

Perth is blessed with a vast range of engagement photoshoot locations. Whether you prefer the beach, forest, or an urban landscape for your engagement photoshoot there is definitely a vast array of options for everyone looking for great engagement photos in Perth.

Bells Rapids

Bells Rapids is only located 45 minutes from the Perth CBD. Blessed with a luscious landscape of rivers and breathtaking mountains and viewpoints this is one of my most recommended locations for an engagement photoshoot in Perth.

Coogee Beach

Just a short drive from Fremantle is Coogee Beach. Away from the crowds of other popular beaches in Perth, Coogee Beach has a Jetty to provide a perfect backdrop to your engagement photoshoot. Take a walk together on this quiet yet beautiful beach and be ready for some beautiful images.

City Beach/ Floreat

Filled with several natural parks boasting natural and scenic views is the area of City Beach and Floreat. Combined with its proximity to the coast, most notably City Beach (my favourite beach in Perth) this is a go to spot for engagement sessions in Perth.


Take a walk through the historic streets of Fremantle. Admire the local artwork or find a rustic cafe to enjoy a coffee together.

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