The Most Amazing Wedding Photo Locations in Perth

If you're planning your wedding in Perth and looking for the perfect photo locations to capture your special day, you're in luck! Perth boasts some of the most stunning and picturesque locations that will make your wedding photos truly memorable. In this article, we'll discuss the best wedding photo locations in Perth that will help you create beautiful and lasting memories.

Best Places for Wedding Pictures in Perth

There are several places where you can take long-awaited wedding photos. Everything will depend on your preference and what background you’d love to see. Here are the best locations to take wedding photos in Perth.

1. University of Western Australia

One of the most spectacular wedding venues is the University of Western Australia, with its lush gardens, located in Matilda Bay, which is an ideal heritage site for weddings.

2. Supreme Court Gardens

Supreme Court Gardens is one of the historical and symbolic places that date back to 1920. This location offers an open space area with beautiful green semi-enclosed gardens with large expanses of fruit trees.

Remarkably, the remains of the walls are still intact from their original state. Wedding photos look stunning in a landscape like this.

The Best Wedding Photo Locations in Perth

3. COMO The Treasury Hotel

COMO The Treasury Hotel is one of the most elegant urban hotels. Its revitalized design is located in the historic heart of Perth. The hotel's 19th-century Victorian-era architecture lends great majesty, adapting to any event.

The Best Wedding Photo Locations in Perth

4. Cottesloe Civic Centre

Cottesloe Civic Centre is one of the open space venues where weddings are very captivating. The main lawn is a real eye-catcher, and the secret garden is ideal for wedding photos.

5. Fremantle

A special day such as a wedding in the iconic Port of Fremantle is perfect. They have a national hotel with ballrooms, large separate event spaces, brick walls, and architecture to admire.

The Best Wedding Photo Locations in Perth

6. The State Buildings

The State Buildings offers luxury restaurants and accommodation that provides privacy for couples, offering panoramic views of Stirling Gardens. It has a postcard lounge and grand architecture in the center.

It also has private dining rooms for breakfasts, dinners, and intimate receptions, which vary in size depending on the number of guests to be entertained.

The Best Wedding Photo Locations in Perth

7. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the favorite places for some couples. For nature lovers, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful trees. It has lake features that dive into two basins with an island shape. Breeding birds occupy each island which can be a wonderful addition to your photos.

Hyde Park is a highly sought-after site because of its popularity. Its availability is limited, especially in summer so try to plan for a time in the morning.

The Best Wedding Photo Locations in Perth

8. Alleys in the Perth CBD

Alleys in the Perth CBD are one of the urban places with the soul of a city, which attracts the most eccentric. It's one of the favorite places for some, where they prefer to celebrate their wedding photo shoot among beautiful alleys that glimpse rawness and aesthetics.

The above locations offer a wide variety of spaces, satisfying your taste. Whether you prefer to be surrounded by nature or urbanism, contact the best photographer near you and let’s get you your dream pictures of your unforgettable day.

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