Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer

Travelling to photograph destination weddings is such a buzz as it combines my two loves of photography and travel. A destination wedding takes your wedding from a few hours somewhere familiar to an adventure lasting several days, and you get to take your loved ones with you!

My job as a destination wedding photographer has taken me all over the world capturing a variety of wedding including Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian and Indian. However there a few destinations that I find myself being drawn back to again and again.

Destination wedding photographer Vietnam

Destination Wedding Photographer

Vietnam is a vibrant and romantic location for a destination wedding. Popular locations include Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City. Traditional Vietnamese tea ceremonies and beach weddings are popular, as are weddings in Vietnam’s many beautiful tropical gardens. Go for upmarket glamour with a poolside ceremony at one of Vietnam’s luxury resorts, or go for a killer view by saying I do by a seascape or marina. Here's a recent blog article I wrote discussing Vietnam's best wedding venues!

Vietnam’s is world renowned for stunning sunsets so opt for an early evening ceremony outdoor to capture gorgeous sunset images. To learn more about destination wedding photography in Vietnam click here

Destination wedding photographer Thailand

The first of these destination wedding locations is Thailand. Known around the world for its tropical beaches, castaway islands, opulent royal palaces, colourful street markets and ornate spiritual temples. Thailand is a stunning wedding destination.

To the North you can explore the mountains and jungles filled with tropical trees, plants and wildlife. And then of course there’s the world-famous cuisine. Find out more about destination wedding photography in Thailand here

Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination wedding photographer Bali

Destination Wedding Photographer

Another location I’m lucky enough to frequently work at as a destination wedding photographer is Bali. There is no place in the world like Bali.

This tropical island in the Indian Ocean has a magical blend of culture, people, nature, activities, a perfect climate, culinary delights, nightlife and luxury accommodation which all ensure that year after year it is rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world.

To learn more about destination wedding photography in Bali click here

Destination wedding photographer Singapore

With a ‘something for everyone’ culture, Singapore is a melting pot of multi racial heritage in a tropical climate which has made it a magnet for history buffs, culture junkies, nature lovers, back packers, city trippers, trekkers, discoverers and sightseers. And for those looking for a truly unique wedding adventure.

To learn more about destination wedding photography in Singapore click this link

Wherever you choose to have your destination wedding abroad, I know it can be tempting to choose a wedding photographer local to the area where you’re getting married abroad but in my case my clients tend to choose me because they like my photographic style.

It’s likely your venue will recommend you a photographer and whilst this can feel the simplest option it can lead to quite generic and formulaic photographs. i.e., a photographer who delivers the same tired poses in the same old places’ week in - week out, year in - year out. They also often only allow you to book them for a set number of hours on your wedding day whereas a destination wedding photographer will be there to capture the whole adventure from the pre wedding meal right through to partying into the early hours.

As an experienced destination wedding photographer, I like to arrive at least two days before the wedding celebrations to explore the area and the venue. I talk with the venue staff, wedding coordinators and planners. But most importantly, I get to know my clients and their families (usually during rehearsal dinners or casual evening brunches or barbecues the night before the wedding).

This relaxed, friendly yet professional approach always results in relaxed and natural images that allows me to accurately and unobtrusively document your wedding day naturally as it unfolds.

So, whether you’re planning a beach wedding in Thailand, a tropical garden ceremony in Bali, a night safari wedding in Singapore or an elegant poolside ceremony in Vietnam, there really is a perfect location for your destination wedding. So have fun finding it and then planning your wedding adventure.

And once you’ve found that perfect wedding destination, you’ll be looking for the perfect destination wedding photography. Feel free to get in touch.

I’d love to hear about your wedding plans …


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