Timeless Elegance: A Classical Wedding at The Westin Perth

The Westin Perth Wedding

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Love stories are as unique as the individuals who share them, and Barzley and Isabel's journey from a chance meeting at a youth camp to a beautifully orchestrated wedding at The Westin Perth is a testament to the power of destiny. In this blog post, we delve into the heartwarming tale of their engagement, the meticulous planning that went into their wedding day, and the exquisite details that made their celebration truly magical. Join us as we explore their love story, from the fateful day they met to the enchanting moments of their Westin wedding.

The Engagement

A Tale of Surprises and Sentiments Barzley and Isabel's love story began in the unlikeliest of places - a youth camp in Eagle’s Nest back in 2010. A chance encounter that laid the foundation for a future filled with love and laughter. Years later, their paths crossed again as they embarked on the same university degree, leading to a deepening connection that eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship. But it was on December 19, 2020, at an intimate Christmas party, that Barzley decided to pop the question.

The engagement plan took an unexpected twist when Isabel stumbled upon a hidden secret - Barzley had been meticulously planning to propose for months. Determined not to let the surprise slip away, Barzley ingeniously incorporated a scavenger hunt into the proposal. As each clue led Isabel closer to the ring, the anticipation grew until the magical moment arrived. With a wooden Russian doll concealing the engagement ring, Barzley knelt down, and in a heartfelt gesture, asked the question that would change their lives forever. Isabel's stunned silence was swiftly replaced by a resounding "Yes!" and their hearts intertwined in a promise of eternal love.

A Day To Remember

Choosing the perfect venue for a wedding is a delicate dance between personal significance and aesthetic appeal. Barzley and Isabel's wedding date, June 24, 2023, held special meaning, marking the earliest available date at St. Mary's Church in Leederville, where Barzley had once sung in the choir during his high school years. Their vows were exchanged in the sacred confines of the church, surrounded by cherished family and friends.

The Westin Perth Wedding
The Westin Perth Wedding
The Westin Perth Wedding
The Westin Perth Wedding

The Reception: The Westin Perth

The reception that followed was a celebration of elegance and sophistication at The Westin Perth. From the moment they set foot in the venue, Barzley and Isabel knew it was the ideal setting for their dream wedding. The classic theme they envisioned came to life through minimalistic decor and timeless design elements. The couple's attention to detail was evident in every aspect, from the sumptuous truffle risotto to the multi-flavored tiers of their exquisite wedding cake.

Barzley and Isabel's attention to detail extended to personalized touches that made the day uniquely theirs. From custom embossed wedding invites and guest menus to a gobo light projecting their initials on the dance floor, each element spoke of their commitment and love. The initials and wedding date sewn onto Barzley's tuxedo jacket added a sentimental touch, ensuring that every moment of the day was etched in their hearts forever.

A symphony of neutrals the choice of florist, Soul Sista Florals, was a match made in heaven. Scouring Instagram for inspiration, Barzley and Isabel discovered a floral artist whose neutral and muted color palettes aligned perfectly with their vision. The result was a breathtaking display that adorned the venue, bringing a touch of nature's elegance indoors. Leah's artistry showcased the beauty of each bloom, enriching the ambiance with a sense of timeless romance.

The Westin Perth Wedding
The Westin Perth Wedding
The Westin Perth Wedding
The Westin Perth Wedding
The Westin Perth Wedding

In Conclusion

Barzley and Isabel's wedding day at The Westin Perth was a symphony of classic elegance, personal touches, and heartwarming moments. From their serendipitous meeting at a youth camp to the joyous celebration of their love, their journey reminds us that destiny often works in mysterious and beautiful ways. As we celebrate their union and the incredible efforts they put into crafting a day that reflected their unique love story, we are left inspired by the timeless beauty of their Westin wedding.


Photography: Jacob Gordon Photography

Videography: Emotion Videography

Cake: Sieve and Stone

Makeup: The Makeup Collective

Hair: Amaraa Hair

Venue: The Westin Perth, 480 Hay Street, Perth, WA, 6000

Florist: Soul Sista Florals

DJ: Complete DJ

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